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Author: Rob
Date: 07.11.04 @ 11:42 PM

Renegade Box-ArtOverview:
Renegade is a 3D first person shooter game based in the Command & Conquer universe. During the game you will see familiar faces from the series; Nod troops, Kane and many more. You'll also be able to use a collection of the vehicles and weapons from the original C&C.

Playing as an elite GDI commando, Havoc, you must battle your way through a multitude of terrains and battlefields. You must destroy enemy structures, such as the Obeslisk, whilst fending off enemy troops, and ultimately destroy the Brotherhood of Nod.

Renegade allows the player to view the actions from both a first and third person viewpoint; it has a variety of features apart from the aforementioned - including several multiplayer modes.

Our Content:
We have a mixture of files, strategies and game information for Renegade. We recommend you check out the Ultimate Renegade Strategy Guide - compiled by several of our staff members, it's an excellent way to improve your game. Refer to the Renegade section of the menu for links to all relevant content.

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