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Author: Rob
Date: 07.11.04 @ 11:27 PM

Yuri's Revenge Box-ArtReleased October 2001, Yuri's Revenge is the expansion pack for Red Alert 2.

Yuri's Revenge expands on Red Alert 2 in a variety of ways. Of most significant note is the addition of a new side - Yuri's Psychic Army, which contains 13 new infantry units and six new structures such as 'The Brute' and the 'Grinder'.

In addition, Yuri's Revenge has 14 new single-player missions, 10 new cooperative missions, 20 skirmish maps, and new multiplayer modes. The new missions see you battling on exotic locales such as Eygpt and even the moon, as well as in well known cities such as London.

The Soviets are bolstered by the inclusion of the Siege Chopper and the Battle Bunker, whilst the Allies receive the Guardian GI and the Robot Tank.

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