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Author: Rob
Date: 07.11.04 @ 11:09 PM

Red Alert 2 - Tesla TrooperWelcome to CNCSeries.Com's Red Alert 2 section - here you can find a wealth of information on one of the games that helped to establish the Command & Conquer series as one of the leaders in its field.

This 2D RTS (Real Time Strategy) game was extremely popular in its heyday - and still manages to maintain a proportionate following. Released in late 2000, it continues the story line from the original Red Alert; the Allies and Soviets clash in a battle for power.

Playing as one of eight different countries, each boasting their own unique unit, you can wage war online against other players or play the missions that make up the campaign mode. An expansion pack was released for the game in 2001 (Yuri's Revenge).

Our Content:
Red Alert 2 is the game that inspired this site - hence it should be of little surprise that our content for it is boasts tremendous detail. You can find information on just about all aspects of the game by referring to the Red Alert 2 section of the menu on the left (which will now have been expanded).

We particularly recommend you check out the strategies section (many hundreds of tips were compiled from some of the top online players). Also, if you intend on playing multiplayer, then reading the Ultimate Strategy Guide is an absolute must.