Red Alert 3 Q&A #6

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Author: erikmcfar
Date: 27.06.08 @ 8:48 PM

Yet another Q&A has been released by EA, here are some of the more interesting answers:

Will Apocalypse tank be able to crush smaller vehicles like guardians, bullfrogs..?
Yes, being one of the largest tanks on the battlefield, the Apocalypse Tank will certainly be able to crush smaller vehicles. It can do so by either running over them, or by utilizing its secondary ability, the magnetic harpoon, which pulls hapless victims towards its massive grinders.

Is there directional armor?
Yeah, we do have directional armor. Vehicles that take incoming fire from the side or the rear will absorb more damage than if they were hit from the front. Players will see a yellow burst of shrapnel on units that are taking side- or rear-damage as a visual indicator.
UPDATE: We're still figuring out whether or not we're going to keep directional armor in Red Alert 3. While it's currently working in the game, we may end up removing it altogether as we continue to apply balance changes.

There are nine total questions in this batch, so has head over to EA and check them out.