Strategy Informer Community Summit Report: Part I

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Author: erikmcfar
Date: 26.06.08 @ 6:01 PM

One of the "summit worthy," sites, Strategy Informer has written up part I of a two part report on the said event. Here's some new game info released:

* The new Apoc tank looks awesome, and you’ll be seeing its upgrades in the very near future. For now, know that it has a tractor beam and a giant generator (Magnetic Harpoon) on its back. Grinders go out side to side. The grinder eliminates any enemies that get in the Apoc’s way, chewing them up to nothing.
* Unit scale is highly unrealistic in gameplay, but it works. Dolphins may appear the size of submarines…but hey, you know it’s a dolphin.
* Ore does not deplete! Once “depleted” only 25% of the original resources can be attained.
* Heidleberg returns, and it looks great. Even has a park and beer gardens.
* Mcburger Kong returns.
* There are 12 different locales in the game, each one very different and very colorful.
* Weather effects are all present, but none of them actually take part in the gameplay. They are all purely aesthetic.
* Fog is now cleared downhill, but not uphill (meaning if units are on top of a hill, they can see far below, but units under a hill cannot see above it).
* Powers are introduced, and some are listed below. Powers are special abilities players can use over time to do a number of things, such as special attacks. They are illustrated by a number on the bottom left corner of the screen, where over time points are built up. Based on how well the game is going for the player, more points may be added over less time, meaning they have access to more power ups.
* Soviet Power ups include: Orbital Refuse, which drops satellites from the sky like bombs; Tractor Beam, which picks units off the battlefield and into space, to later drop them with Orbital Refuse; Time Bomb, which is just that.
* There is a third faction, which has been mentioned only as the “Empire of the Rising Sun.”

As I have feared it is a remake of Generals/Tiberium Wars with "Power Ups" and upgrades. Let's just hope it do it right, because it seems there is no going back to the beloved Red Alert style of gameplay. You can check out the rest of the article by visiting their site.