Prince Kassad

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Author: Ash
Date: 28.12.04 @ 8:29 PM

Prince Kassad has cut a dashing figure across Middle Eastern politics and a violent one in the underworld. This charismatic tribal leader has organized spies and assassins across North Africa to do his bidding. Prince Kassad has been paid millions for assassinations, hijackings, and beatings in the street. For a three-year stretch beginning in 2008, it is believed that no terrorist action was taken on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea without his involvement or blessing. A clever administrator of a serpentine organization, he has never been directly tied to any criminal activity, yet bad things continue to happen to individuals and forces that stand in his way.


  • Side: GLA
  • Rank: Unknown
  • Cell: Cobra
  • ID Number: Unknown
  • Homeland: Tripoli, Libya
  • Tactical Overview: Camouflage
  • Availability: Skirmish, Generals Challenge, Online
Army Modifications
  • All structures can upgrade with Camo Netting.
  • After you purchase Camo Netting at the Supply Stash, workers are camouflaged when collecting supplies.
  • Camouflage upgrade is available to Rebels at start.
  • Base Defenses start with Camo Netting.
  • Hijacker is available at start.
  • GPS Scrambler is available at Level 3, instead of Level 5.
  • GPS Scrambler recharges faster.
  • Prince Kassad does not have the use of Tanks or the Scud Launcher.

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