GLA Buildings

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Author: Ash
Date: 28.12.04 @ 7:42 PM

All GLA buildings are listed below, with detailed descriptions and screenshots (where possible). When you destroy a GLA building, a cave is kept underneath it and if you don't destroy the cave, a worker will rebuild it. The GLA side was originally supposed to have windmill like structures to produce power, they have now been scrapped however.

» Normal Buildings

Command Centre:
Every side has one, the soul of the base requires the utmost of protection. This is where the Generals must be placed in order to receive access to their special abilities. If this building is destroyed, you'll need to protect your General until you can re-build the Command Centre, and place him safely back inside. If he isn't in there, you won't be able to use that particular General's unique abilities.
They may not have much money to roll in, but they still need resources to build their units and buildings. Using workers to collect the resources, you would expect the gathering to be frenzied and in a small yet constant stream.
War Factory:
The GLA need their vehicles just like the USA and China, even if they are outclassed in terms of brute power. However, with several War factories going, massing their tanks such as the Standard one will still prove a threat, if micromanaged well and mixed with other units for balance.
Your Standard Infantry to your assassins come out here, and you'll have a hard time living without it. Keep it defended, otherwise your scrap heap challenge tanks won't be able to do much. Remember that Rocket Infantry are very effective against tanks, so spare the little armout you possess and use the infantry instead, they can do just as good a job.
Scud Centre:
This is where you can launch the GLA Scud Storm from - it is a superweapon, capable of wreaking mass destruction upon its chosen target.

» Defensive Structures
Tunnel Network:
Not Bin Laden's, but similar. GLA troops can move quickly across the map, coming up at the endpoints on their unsuspecting enemy. They can stay down their for protection, but if the end points are destroyed, then they die. Sniff.
Guard Tower:
Cor, I remember this from the First Playstation C&C. Anyway, it's just how you remembered it. On a raised wooden platform with a machine gun inside, good vision and a decent defense mechanism against any pesky infantry. Some Guard Towers have also been seen with searchlights, so maybe night missions will be appearing once more. Quite how this will be powered is unknown...
Blazing Barricade:
A mess of tires, bricks and flammable liquid, it makes a route impassable to most units without a sturdy pair of stilts. It won't win a construction award, but it gets the job done.
SAM Site:
The GLA doesn't have an air force of its own, so it relies on Anti-Air measures to take care of the F-22's and MiG's that would otherwise have free reign of the skies. They are also camouflaged, so they need to be taken out at ground level.
Seen adorning the beach where Transports and infantry were storming inland, these bunkers look a solid concrete defense where infantry can garrison themselves to mow down anything that comes near them. They were destroyed pretty quickly by Tomahawks, but against infantry and lightly armoured vehicles, they should be a good reliable defensive structure.