New Red Alert 3 Information

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Author: Ash
Date: 28.02.08 @ 5:37 PM

Thanks RADen, and furthermore Hagren, these are details from a Dutch magazine.

New Information:

-The IFV is back (Infantry Fighting Vehicle)
-Confirmed super weapons: Iron curtain, Chronosphere, Particle Cannon
-New unit: The Allied drone
-No nuclear technology
-In-house physics engine
-60 minutes of cutscenes
-Engine optimised for multi-core processors

Campaign Information:

-The Soviet campaign will revolves around them trying to destroy both the Allies and the Empire of the Rising Sun.
-The Allied campaign will revolve around the maniacal US president who desperately wants the Soviets dead.
-The Empire of the Rising Sun campaign will revolve around the strained relationship between the Emperor of Japan and his son.


Maniacal US president? I'll leave the jokes to you.