Do EA have their priorities right?

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Author: Rob
Date: 24.04.07 @ 5:06 PM

A quick glance at the official forums and it doesn't take long to notice that there are an extremely large number of disgruntled fans.

Why? Because EA has made a horrible mess of Tiberium Wars and is also failing to explain that mess. It really is that simple; the game was rushed otherwise there would not be so many bugs.

The bad thing is, there are bugs absolutely everywhere. Gameplay, connection, lobby screens, missions, exploits - just too many. Sure, people expect games to have a few bugs when they come out - but not to the extent that EA has.

What really pisses me off is the number of customers who have posted their problems in the EA support forums but have received absolutely no replies; are EA even reading their own forums? Why create a technical forum to allow fans to post their problems if you are not even going to bother replying?

Perhaps the problem is manpower, or perhaps it is misguided use of resources. When I see the official website making posts about this ridiculous 'Operation Rescue Apoc' I get extremely annoyed - hell, the guy has basically returned to work from a holiday. Instead of making podcasts, graphics and news posts about it do something useful and sustainable - spend the time answering customers problems and working on fixing them.

The online aspect of Tiberium Wars is an utter shambles of farcical proportions. The majority of gamers these days buy games to play online, so to spend 30 of our own money on a game to only have it not work is ridiculous.

This problem is further exacerbated by EA expecting everybody to change hundreds of port settings in order to get the game to work. Not only is this stupid in that it can leave your network open to the outside, is it extremely stupid in that EA expects every customer of its game to have the technical expertise to do so. What happened to kids and people buying games which they could just put into their computer and have fun on?

EA have killed the fun for many people who have bought the game. I hope to hell they wake up and realise that their fans need reassuring, otherwise they risk losing an awful lot of them.