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Author: Rob
Date: 24.12.04 @ 4:27 PM

You'll find many strategies for Yuris Revenge on the site. From specific detailed map tactics to step-by-step mission walkthroughs, there's something for everyone. Many tactics are contained in the Red Alert 2 section (such as the TOTD Archive). Obviously these tactics can still be used in Yuris Revenge, you just need to adapt them slightly.

  • Tip of the Day Archive
    This section contains a variety of tips that we posted regularly on the site from March 2001 to January 2002. Most are by top players. Note that the Yuri's Revenge ones are in the last few months.

  • Map Tactics
    Detailed map strategies for the best known maps in Yuris Revenge. Comprehensive reading for any good online player.

  • Mission Walkthroughs
    Exceptionally detailed guides on how to complete the campaigns.