Lion in Accident

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Author: Ash
Date: 16.05.06 @ 4:14 PM

At CNCDen Lion has notified us of an accident he was in earlier today, and why this may reduce updates to the Den for a while. Before you're worried - he's okay, 'just' bruised and cut up. Here's his message.

Today at about 10:30 A.M. I was involved in a serious accident. A tractor-trailer pulled in front of me, and I hit him head on at about 45 miles per hour. I was pinned in and had to be cut out of my Dodge pickup truck. I'm very fortunate to be alive. My airbag deployed and saved my life. And I do believe God (no offense if ya don't believe) had a hand in it as well. I was rushed to the hospital, given the usual routine of tests including an MRI and several x-rays. I had some bad cuts, and they stitched them up. No broken bones or internal bleeding. My face is black n blue. And I have lots of tiny pieces of glass imbedded in my body. After six hours in the hospital they released me. I'm home now...very sore of course and will be for the next week or so. The fire dept. folks who cut me out came to see me in the hospital. They showed me pics of my truck via their cell phones. The one dude said they couldn't believe I was still alive. And after seeing the condition of my truck, neither could I.

Depending on how I feel, updates could be on the thin side for the next few days or so. I just didn't want anyone to think I deserted the site. I have a friend that is going to take some pics of my now crushed truck, and I'll post em up when I get em.

Thank fuck he's okay, because this community simply wouldn't be the same without him. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Lion.

Sadly of course, the trolls quickly came out of the woodwork; nodcommander decided his input was worthwhile enough to type:
i wont realy beleave hes not jokeing till i see pics
and adam ur allmost a gdi infedel after all u sad ud hang me

The intelligence is startling. Thankfully Apoc has read the message and will be sending Lion some get-well presents.