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Author: Ash
Date: 01.05.06 @ 2:42 PM

Had a peak at the forums again and found this post from Apoc:

This is just a general statement to you guys. I realize there might be some confusion going on with the current information released, some of you are angry, some of you...too angry :o)...but I understand, and most of you are at peace and would just like further details.

I will work hard with the development team to clear up what I can before E3 and after E3.

I said something similar to this in another thread which bears repeating:

There is a lot to be said for the mystique behind a game, especially one like Command and Conquer 3. You guys think you know a lot, but you've hardly scratched the surface. I fully realize you have been grasciously patient over the years for a new game in the Tiberian world and now that the dream is come true, you're hungry for every detail possible and anxious to analyze every detail right down to the very pixel.

We have a great journey in front of us as we unleash more and more about Command and Conquer 3, and I promise you we have an extremely dedicated, passionate, and motivated development team here who will bring you a memorable C& C 3 experience that of course takes your values and opinions in to high consideration and further. I'm not the only one reading all the message boards, i've got a development team of community managers behind me who read them as well if you can imagine.

Just wanted to say that, continue discussing, i'll see what I can help to clear up going forward :o)


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E3 will be where we learn the most, then, and the information Apoc can give out before then is obviously limited in nature. Patience is something many of us have learned to have with C&C, so don't worry Apoc ;)

He then followed up after a few responses:
You guys should know that creating a very immersive and fantastic single player experience is one of our main focus points on C&C 3. We're putting super extra amounts of effort in to that aspect of the game especially.

I like that you guys can find the smallest of details to discuss and make the biggest of things, thats awesome. Just don't pin your hopes on the entire game over a GDI logo argument for example : o) Know what I mean... thats a simple level of confusion which I will continue to smoothen out for you guys.

After Generals, it'd be nice to have a storyline-driven single player that's worth playing, and TW should be perfect to get back to the saga. I'm sure the mere threat of Cypher will ensure the team drafts a story without any holes or oversights.

You can read the thread here.