Louis Castle Podcast II

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Author: Rob
Date: 09.02.06 @ 5:58 PM

In his ongoing media barrage, Louis Castle has been interviewed in a podcast along with fellow EA bigwig Mike Verdu. Here's what IGN PC had to say about it all:

"We've got an awesome podcast for any fans of the RTS genre today courtesy of Electronic Arts. Louis Castle, one of the founders of Westwood and current VP of Creative Development at EA, and Mike Verdu, Executive Producer on The Battle for Middle-earth series sat down to chat about real-time strategy.

Their discussion covers a lot of different topics over 50 plus minutes. Discussion moves from the general state of the RTS market including the future and the move to consoles, Battle for Middle-earth II on both the PC and Xbox 360 (including their commitment to Xbox Live!), and Command & Conquer."
Weighing in at 26mb in mp3 format.

An unnamed reader also sent word that there are interviews with Louis in the 'Manchester Evening News', 'Hunter's Weekly' and 'The Farmers Guardian'.