Concept Art

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Author: Rob
Date: 10.12.04 @ 9:15 PM

The following pieces of concept art were drawn by artists at EA studios. They're quite impressive and display the intense detail that the development process went through.

Yuri's Barracks
A drawing of the barracks of Yuri's pychic army; it appears to show Yuri walking out of the barracks.
Boomer Sumbarine
Sketches of the Yuri's new sumbarine; which can fire sea to land missiles.
The Brute
An impressive sketch of the new Brute unit - capable of lifting tanks over with its sheer power
Slave Miner
A moody drawing of the new slave miner; which holds 4 slaves who will dig up ore then process it automatically in the mining unit
Virus Sniper
An intimidating drawing of the virus sniper who fires long-range needle-darts that cause soldiers to swell up and explode in a cloud of poisonous gas.