Temporary RA2 Server

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Author: Rob
Date: 30.10.05 @ 7:48 AM

With the prolonged absence of the XWIS servers (now down for over 36 hours), a temporary server has been established. As posted on haz3d.com:

While the main Xwis and Strike-team servers are down you can use this temp server for playing Ra2 on. servserv.westwood.com

There is no support, no clans & no ladders but hey its something.

Open the XWISC.exe fill in the IP into the box and hit set or tell it to open the the hosts file then add n save that line.
Head over there to get that download if you're interested. It's likely there won't be many players online at all however.

Traffic to the XWIS server is now automatically being redirected to the temporary one - this means you don't need to download the tool to play. Please note that only FFG games can be played. Yuri's Revenge and NOX are also supported.

The main XWIS server is apparently down to due to hardware failure. Presumably efforts are ongoing to restore it to full output.