Zero Hour Patch Possibility

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Author: Rob
Date: 29.10.05 @ 10:31 AM

Slightly late on this one, but Aaron Kaufman (EA community manager) recently stated that there is a slight possibility of a further patch for Zero Hour. He made the following post on CNCDen to clarify comments made on a German fansite:

"So to confirm what I said in the interview, the idea was brought up if we could produce another patch for Zero Hour in the same way we have been currently for BfME Patch 1.03. I said it was a great idea and definitely something I'd like to look in to. I did not confirm a patch is being worked on or promised a date on one, HOWEVER, given what we have accomplished with the community recently, it is certainly something I think is possible.

That said, I will make every effort to see what can be done for another patch, but it's very early research right now for me. Just know, it is a mission I definitely want to accomplish."
Dangling a bit of a carrot there.