Happy 5th Birthday CNCSeries!

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Author: Rob
Date: 25.10.05 @ 10:12 AM

Today marks a momentous occasion in the history of this site - as it proudly reaches its fifth birthday. How time has flown. It doesn't seem all that long ago since we were known as 'Red 2 World' and were hosted on Geocities.

Its been a very long journey, and at times very arduos - but it's all worthwhile. Many, many faces have helped make the site what it is. Ex staff members, present staff members, community webmasters and, of course, visitors have all contributed. Several of you wrote in to tell me about your first time visiting the site:

Marsy: I first visited about 4 years ago, when the site was known as Red 2 World. I've been a regular pretty much since. I love all the content, especially the strategies and articles. Keep up the good work guys!
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T3slaTr00per: Hi, I found the site a year or two ago when Generals was released. I fell in love with it instantly - I am your greatest fan! All your content inspired me to go out and buy the other games you cover!!

Microtank: Congrats on the landmark guys - I remember first visiting about 4 years ago. I was actually a staff member for quite a while, helping with the strategy section for Red Alert 2 - in particular the Tip of the Days. The site has come a long way; in all areas!

James89: I've only recently started visiting your site, but found it very helpful in improving my online skills in both Generals and Red Alert 2. The Renegade Ultimate Strategy guide was also very helpful! Thanks guys!
For all of those who feel like a nostalgic walk down memory lane, our Site History outlines the site's journey in some detail - you can also find links to all of our old layouts there.

I hope you've enjoyed the site so far, be you a new face or an old visitor. Hopefully EA will announce a new installment in the series at some point in the future, which will allow us to kickstart the site and indeed the community once more. However, in the meantime, while there are games such as Red Alert 2 to be played, this site will most certainly remain.

// Figured I'd put a word in here. I joined this boat in 2003, July or something, and while this birthday applies to Rob mainly, I will say I'm proud to be a part of this site. I learned of the site sometime in 2002, read the USG religiously, and the content back then blew me away.

Here's to another five years - providing we have something to work for. - Ash.