Red Alert 2 Rebirth

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Author: Rob
Date: 11.10.05 @ 11:21 PM

The transfer from WOL to XWIS of online support for Red Alert 2, as well as other C&C titles, has seen a relative rebirth in popularity of the games. These ladder figures from the XWIS website display this pertinently (bear in mind that they are only from the start of the month):

XWIS GamesXWIS Players
I've started playing regularly again, as have other site members such as jacko3334 (if10aty0u).

Feel free to add me to your buddy list if you're playing (my nickname is now RobOfCNCS). I've been enjoying playing once more quite a lot - it's almost like the old days again: a busy ladder with proper moderation and very few cheats.

Lets hope more players continue to return - there are some very familar faces in the top 100 already, setting as good a standard as ever.