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26-01-01 | Next Map pack 2moro

Westwood are releasing their next map pack 2moro - at 6PM PST - so make sure u come here to download it : 0 )

26-01-01 | Vote for Red 2

Seems IGNPC are having a vote contest for the best strategy game of 2000- to vote for Red Alert 2 go to this link: Vote for RA2

24-01-01 | Progress Update

Quick update on the new site version - I have to redo the structures section as I feel it needed it, and I've converted all files into V3.0 format ( on top of the new site sections added )- also I am waiting for GGI to be enabled on the account so as I can set newspro up - so, if there are no problems, the new site should be up on the new server by Saturday evening :) - I'll keep you up to date whatever happens :) - V3.0 is much better and has waay more stuff on it :)

23-01-01 | Virus Alert

Some idiot has put a virus in a win zip file disguised as an RA2 map - whatever you do DON'T download Ra2 MOD National Pride - you have been warned guys!

23-01-01 | WW Newsletter

Here it is, with some shots of the guys themself :)

Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest Community update from Westwood! Enjoy!

Westwood's Online Community Update

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Top News:
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Our Red Alert 2 Map Pack Downloads section is now open. This new section will be updated on bi-weekly basis with all of the latest and greatest map pack for Red Alert 2. Click on the link below and check it out!

Just recently, Red Alert 2 producer Harvard Bonin, came back from a five day trip to Korea. Accompanying him was Frank Hsu (producer for next big Ra2 project **wink**). Their goal was to experience the unique Korean game culture and gaming environment to help better plan for the future. While there Harvard and Frank both embraced the opportunity to meet with Korea's best Red Alert 2 players, Chang Hwan Kim and Joo Young Choi and exchange feedback on the game and units. Harvard and Frank also took this opportunity to give these guys a little taste of Westwood power, but instead of showing of their stuff, they shook their heads in amazement. The Korean players toppled these two guys within minutes, apparently with strategies never before seen. Attached are images from their trip, enjoy!

Shot 1 - Frank and Harvard show off the goods!

Shot 2 - Harvard concentrates on his RA2 game!

In Emperor News, we just recently added our unit of the week to the site and posted an exclusive interview with the lead testers from our QA Dept.


For those of you that missed the chat log with Emperor's producer Chris Longpre! We have made a link to the log file on our site so that no of our fans miss the loads of information that was released..


Next Wednesday January 31st from 4:00 - 5:00 PM Delphi and Virtual Ted will be hosting a chat with Harvard Bonin. The chat will cover information about our upcoming patch for RA2 and possibly what the future holds for RA2. ;) Stay tuned to our RA2 news section for more info!

/redalert2/english/non_flash/news2. shtml

Wednesday January 24th 5:00 PM - 9:00 (PST) we will be hosting Westwood VS The World at RA2 on the US server. Myself and many other Westwood staffers will be on hand to demonstrate to the world how to play our game. All Westwood representatives will have a lightning bolt next their nickname; game types and number of people they play will be random. Prizes will include: T-shirts, Music CD's, Red Alert 2 pin sets, posters, and some very special pewter figurines from the collector's edition of Red Alert 2. Also, there are thousands of players and only a handful of us; we will do our best to hurry games so that we can challenge the many players.


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CONGRATULATIONS to the guys over at www.cncnation.org. They have been selected as our featured site of the week.. This week, I would like to take a second and acknowledge Olaf van der Spek creator of XCC utilities. His contributions and code base have been used in making some of the finer C&C editing utilities to date. Without individuals like Olaf that have a passion for our games, the C&C community would not be as strong as it is today. Thanks Olaf! Westwood appreciates all the hard work and time you've put in to help making the C&C experience better for everyone.

XCC Utilities - http://xcc.tiberian.com

(Note we acknowledge the work of those the help to better the game experience for everyone. It is Westwood's hope that the community will come together and help stop the release of trainers and hacks for our games. These hinder the enjoyment of the game experience for many people and these users should be frowned upon )

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It's looks as though the Red Alert 2 team is gearing for another project, hmm wonder what they have in mind? =)

Renegade seems to be moving right along, matter of fact, the March issue of Computer Gaming World will have brand new shots of Westwood's upcoming action game. Look for it to hit shelves in early February.

I've heard a rumor that the Emperor team has been working on a new desktop theme pack for fans to download. No ETA, I'll be sure to let everyone know once I hear something.

23-01-01 | Jobs Update

I'm proud to announce that Red 2 World has appointed Teslaus as staff manager, Aaron as Map Reviewer (was already here before jobs), Steve as Mod Reviewer and hallam as a news updater :)))

We still need people for

  • News Updaters
  • Site Promoter
  • Article Writers

[ Shoot me a mail if you're interested! :) ]

23-01-01 | Quick Reminder

Remember its Westwood Vs. The World 2moro - US Server 5 PM - 9 PM )PST) - If you beat any of em u get pruzes for it! So go play em :)
[ They have lightening bolts next to their names so thats how you will know them ].

22-01-01 | Vacancies

The new site design is totally complete now - I just have to redo the structures section and set up Newspro - hopefully it will be done this week. I have already had two guys apply for positions as news updaters - they have both joined the staff : ) - Red 2 World is still after more staff though so I've decided to open the following positoins :

  • Staff Manager ( Will appoint staff / manage staff - must be responsbile )
  • Site Promoter ( Will promote site through various means )
  • News Updaters ( Will update front page with news at least twice a week - must know HTML )
  • Mod Reviewer ( Tests mods, sends me them, puts news about them on front page occasionally )
  • Article Writers ( Writes 1 article every two/three weeks about anythin CnC/Westwood related )

[ If you are interested then please let me know :) - Rob ]

21-01-01 | Progress Reportl

The new site design is going very well - it will also have a new MUCH better forum that i hope will actually be used. Also the site will be much bigger and better as I will be appointing lots of staff :)

P.S. If any of u want to look at a FF9 Site then go visit FF9Net - I'm the webmaster :)

20-01-01 | Westwood Poll

There's a new poll up at WW - asking :

Which one of these game genre's do you prefer?

  • Strategy ( 56.37% )
  • Action ( 36.18% )
  • Role Playing ( 7.45% )

Go to Westwood to vote...

20-01-01 | Dune300.com!

I'm proud to anounce the newest affiliates of Red 2 World - Dune 330.com - this site will have all the stuff u need to learn about Dune 3 - I will also be deputy Webmaster of the site.. The Webmaster of the site is Acid rains - Dune330 needs some staff - so make sure u head over there if you're interested :)

20-01-01 | Westwood Versus the World!

This is straight off the Westwood site:

Next Wednesday January 24th, Westwood employees and Red Alert 2 team members will be logged into Westwood Online (USA Server) from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (PST) to challenge fans to games of Red Alert 2. This will be your chance to show off your RTS skills and show Westwood who's really the boss! Prize Packs (T-shirts, posters, music CD's, and mouse pads) will be given away to all those fans who are victorious. So if you have what it takes, we'll see you online then!

20-01-01 | IGN PC Ra2 Tournament

Head over to IGN PC now to enter the Red Alert 2 Insider Tournament. Red Alert 2 players that enter will be scored on the westwood official Insider ladder system. This exclusive offer will give fans the opportunity win some of the biggest prizes ever! - For example - on offer in February is a 1.5 GHZ pc worth a few thousand dollars :) - You should see the specs on the thing ! :))

Go Here to sign-up today!!

20-01-01 | News Update

I'm in the middle of redesigning this site - I will also be adding new content and services to it as well - it will be hosted by strategy-gaming which means I can appoint staff - which means an even bigger and better site - please be patient while everything goes ahead :) It may be ready within the next week...

15-01-01 | GOOD news..

Red2world will soon be moving servers - we will be hosted by the premier strategy gaming site - www.strategy-gaming.com - this is a MUCH better server and will also allow me to use SSI and CGI services - for those of you that are currently thinking *CGI,SSI what the hell??* it basically means I'll be able to do a whole lot more with the site - including setting up Newspro ( allows people apart from myself to add news to the site ) which means that I will be looking for news updaters - they must:

  • Have fairly good English
  • Have basic HTML skills at least - u can learn basic skills from HTMLclinic..

If anyone thinks they mite be interested then please email me - I'll probably be looking for a team of four/five good men ( *or girls - yes there are girls that play ra2 - well done to them I say ) to do the job..make sure u email me if u r interested..

The change of servers will result in even mroe regularly updated news, better updating speed to site, better loading times and one advertising banner instead of those little pop up windows ( yes they really annoy me too!!)...

If everything goes well then the server change could go ahead by the end of the month - I will keep you updated on progress....

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