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» Isgreen Leaves EA - RA3 Dead?

The exodus continues. Yet another high-profile staff member has abandoned the (sinking?) ship at EA Games, opting to join Petroglyph (which consists of much of the old C&C team). Below email comes courtesy of PlanetCNC.
After spending 2 years out at EA after Westwood was "consolidated", with several abortive attempts to get a new C&C off the ground, EA and I have parted ways.

I'm heading back to Vegas to work with the already stellar group of ex-westwoodians and great new people that make up the staff of Petroglyph. I'm very excited by what Petro has been doing, and suffice it to say that C&C fans will not be disappointed by what's coming in the future.... =)

The whole EALA adventure made me aware that a "big" company offers no more stability than any other, and at the end of the day, you should really do what makes you happy, because if you do great work, chances are you'll have that stability you're after anyway.

Stay tuned for more news from the Petro front... =)
Isgreen was lead designer on Red Alert, Tiberian Sun and Firestorm - so quite a significant role. It's very worrying how he mentions that several attempts to get a new C&C game have been abandoned. Worst case scenario, with Skaggs holiday (Skaggs Takes Leave of Absence?), and several other departures, maybe Red Alert 3 doesn't exist? Let's hope that's not the case. But it's extremely worrying how we haven't had any official confirmation that the game exists, since Skaggs revealed it over 4 months ago. I'm starting to become concerned.

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