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» Aaron Kaufman speaks about new ZH patch

(Thanks Lion) Apoc, otherwise known as Aaron Kaufman is the new EA community manager for the C&C community sent out an email to select members of the C&C community this evening regarding the patch. Here is what he had to say:
We understand this patch has been desired for a long time by the community and we’re extremely excited to be able to provide that to you guys. By no means is this a ploy to further entice you in to buying into the Command and Conquer franchise, nor is it in response to any of our upcoming RTS competitors, all of which we highly respect. Patch 1.03 is something we have had in mind for a long time and we were able to finally develop it for the community recently.

Aceton and the EA supported German community team did not lobby for this patch anymore than the rest of the community has been for quite a while. We saw some remarkable and respectable work in the Aceton Balance Modification and felt it would be great for the community to use it in-part as a model for patch 1.03. This patch has been in development for at least a month, completely in house, and has seen extensive QA testing hours. By no means was this developed by anybody outside this development team.

I’ve seen a lot of rumors on the boards about these issues above but I wanted to firmly put them to rest, so the excitement for the patch can takeover. Credit is definitely due to Aceton and the EA supported German community team for their inspiration, but we greatly appreciate the support for patch 1.03 from the entire community and are truly excited to finally be able to provide that to you guys. We hope you enjoy this patch and continue cranking out your online hours for Zero Hour.
Being the conspiracy nut that I have been known to be, despite Apoc's suggestion that this has nothing to do with a new game, I feel that it is still part of the motivation behind the decision to make the patch. Feel free to post your opinions about this topic and the patch in the comments. Enjoy the patch!

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