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» Eradication Wars Released

I'm back! After being out of the community for around 2 years, I have returned to CNCSeries and I come bearing news! Our hosted site Eradication Wars has released a new version of their Yuri's Revenge version of the mod.
Features Include:
Added: Gas Mine to Yuri Team instead of Ore Mine
Added: Missile Ravager to Yuri Team (Powerful Ground Unit)
Added: Magnetic Destroyer to Yuri Team (Long-Range Base Defence)
Added: APT Tank to Korean Forces (Effective Anti-Personnel Tank)
Added: Unholy Alliance Game Mode
Added: More Taskforces for the AI to use
Added: New Loading Screen
Added: Country Specific Loading Screen Text
There are also numerous bug fixes to the mod. To get the latest version of the mod, head to Eradication Wars.

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