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Our new news posters should be starting to churn out the stories in the next day or two, but in the meantime it's left to myself, the old battle-axe (relatively speaking).
  • A few days ago saw the two year anniversary of the demise of Westwood. Lion over at CNCDen has created a tribute page commemorating the sad occasion. Two wallpapers are available. Another staff map for Zero Hour is also on offer.
  • Several Generals/Zero Hour mods have released new renders/images - Blitzkrieg II, Vietnam Reborn, Great Trench War and (this time Renegade related) Renegade: A New Hope.
  • C&C World Rebellion (ZH conversion) have posted an update in regard to the latest status of the mod. They need staff quite badly.
  • PlanetCNC have a bunch of brand new files, including several Renegade skins.
  • You'll find 10 Generals models (readily downloadable) at Gen Dev.
A few more pieces to post in a minute.

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