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In five minutes. Let's see what we can find.
  • CNCDen is the first port of call. One new mod for C&C Generals and a new 4 player staff map is available.
  • PlanetCNC have a new war-story on offer, as well as a decent selection of skins and maps.
  • Our hosted site, Eradiction Wars, have released two new images - showing some of the units in the next version of the game.

    Displayed above were the 'Magnetic Destroyer' and 'Missile Ravager'. What scary names. Go and find out more about this Yuri's Revenge mod.
On a non-C&C note, Lion, webmaster of our long-standing affiliates CNCDen and RADen, has started another site - covering Petroglyph games (the company is made up of many former Westwood employees). The site name is PetroDen - go say hello.

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