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» Combat Engineer Profile

After a long hiatus, EA has released another unit profile, this time the soviet combat engineer, who unlike any other engineer past or present, can kill other engineers.

Capture-and-hold -- Combat engineers are frequently used to capture enemy facilities, which they accomplish instantly just as soon as they manage to get inside. Combat engineers spend years and years training to accomplish these procedures swiftly

Armed and dangerous -- Rather than discard a previous generation of side arms, the Union gave them to its combat engineers so that these men could feel better about themselves, and so they had something to do in their spare time. Combat engineers' revolvers are crude but effective in some situations.

Bunker-building -- That shovel gifted to each combat engineer is not purely ceremonial after all, for these tools can be used to quickly set up a bunker with room enough for several of the Unions' finest foot soldiers. As combat engineers do not have the raw supplies needed for these bunkers, they are authorized to file expense reports directly in the field.

Sputtering on the high seas -- Combat engineers each have a collapsible personal boat that lets them travel at sea as readily as they can trudge about on land. Naturally, most combat engineers tend to prefer traveling in this method.

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