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» New Unit: Naginata

The latest EOTRS unit has been unveiled, the Naginata Cruiser:

Torpedo assault -- The Empire of the Rising Sun's formidable torpedo boat is loaded with ammunition and built for fast, rapid-fire launches. The torpedoes have a limited guidance system and pack a tremendous wallop, making them devastating against most anything at sea.

Spread shot -- The naginata's secret weapon is an array of concealed torpedo tubes, linked to launch all at once. The unguided warheads then fan out and collide with anything in their path. Some naginata captains now tend to save the Torpedo Type-S for use at very close range, to focus the entire spread on a single target and compensate for their inaccuracy.

Nano-steel armor -- Naginata cruisers tend to emerge victorious in any head-on ship battles because of their fast-launching torpedoes as well as their thick, durable armor, which is highly resistant to concussive blasts of any kind.

Specialized against ships -- Even the Empire of the Rising Sun's resources have limits, it seems, for in spite of the naginata cruiser's immense power against other ships, it is has no anti-air capability at all, and is limited to moving by sea unlike the Imperial Tsunami-class tanks.

You know the drill...and head over to EA for the rest.

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