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» New Soviet Unit: Stingray

EA continues to roll out the unit previews, this one on the Soviet Stingray.

• Tesla coilguns -- The most prominent feature of the stingray strike craft is its set of twin Tesla coilguns, which are much smaller than the Union's emblematic defensive weapons yet still extremely dangerous. Both coilguns are always brought to bear on a single target, for a lethal dose of alternating current.

• The Tesla surge -- By amplifying its coilguns to redirect voltage through millions of capacitors in the hull, the stingray is able to radiate extreme levels of electrical current through surrounding waters. While this briefly short-circuits the vessel, it suffers no lasting harm, unlike anything else nearby. Stingray inventor Roman Grozavitz originally used this technique to for fishing, and today, it stingray operators use it to combat Allied dolphin divisions.

• Movers and shakers -- Stingrays recently gained fully-amphibious capability, although the seas are their natural habitat. On land, stingrays move slowly and awkwardly, although the ability to get up onto shore does help make these vessels well-suited to surprise attacks and coastal raids.

• Delicate science -- The stingray's experimental, nonmilitary roots are most evident in the vehicle's light armor: Conventional weapons can easily punch through the stingray's hull, rupturing the rather unstable equipment inside. Stingray operators are therefore encouraged to fight bravely and strike first.

Check out the rest of the profile and in game video over at EA.

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