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» Sea Wing/Sky Wing Unit Profile

Time to look at another one the Empire's transforming units.

Air emerge -- In its base form, the sea-wing is a relatively quick-moving submarine armed with an anti-air rocket system specially designed to track and destroy flying targets. While it has no way of attacking other surface craft, it can burst from the waves into the flight-capable sky-wing form seemingly anytime.

Sea submerge -- While in sky-wing form, this vehicle's kinetic pulse-shot weapon can rapidly overwhelm unarmored targets, with results arguably superior even to the machine guns of the Soviet twinblade gunships. Unlike a helicopter, however, the sky-wing must remain constantly in flight, and unlike any known vehicle, it may simply dive back into the water to avoid harm.

Nearly undetectable underwater -- While underwater, the sea-wing is undetectable to most radar scans, and cannot be attacked directly by common weapons. It does become vulnerable when surfacing to fire, though having first-attack advantage has proven to be essential to Imperial battle tactics.

Target spotting -- While the sea-wing is extremely capable on its own, it seems designed to work even better in concert with other Imperial forces, including naval forces such as the feared Shogun-class battleships. In sky-wing form, these craft can help the Shoguns' main battery guns track inland targets.

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