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EA has spotlighted another RA3, the dolphin, which is coming back from RA2.

Sonic disruptors -- Allied dolphins are expert fighters, well-trained with the sonic disruptor weapons custom-fitted around their flippers and dorsal fin. These weapons fire rapidly and are effective against all type of ships, without causing any environmental side-effects.

The high-flying high jump -- The Allies' specially-trained dolphins have truly mastered the technique of leaping forth from out of the waves. They can jump much higher and farther than their wild brethren, which presents a variety of tactical benefits.

Superior scan range -- While dolphins are formidable combatants, they are primarily used for reconnaissance. Between their natural speed and their top-of-the-line surveillance equipment, they can locate hostile forces well before they themselves are spotted--then quickly report back to base by back-swimming in a tail-stand.

Bred for battle -- Because Allied dolphins are born to serve the cause of freedom, and because they have no use for monetary compensation, ultimately the Allies are able to train these creatures for a rather modest sum. Proceeds go to animal rights organizations and aquatic weapons research.

2POC has also answered some more FAQ's on the official boards. Check it out.

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