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Just a brief update in respect to what some of our staff members are supposed to be working on at the moment.

Jim is writing a battle report, including details of how he managed to beat me. I've told him not to rush that though - I doubt anyone wants to read it. Battle reports suck, right? I might tell him not to bother in fact.

Paul is on a 3 day bender because he has finished his exams. But asides from that, I'm sure a review of Blitzkrieg is supposed to be on the way. Pester him.

Waraddict has started working on a Zero Hour version of the famous Hostile City map for Red Alert 2. It's going to involve quite a few changes I'm told. No ETA just yet.

I'm supposed to be working on improving the forum. I might have a play with it this weekend. I fixed the bug that let non-members see the staff forum - so you won't be able to see the photos Ash constantly posts of his biceps anymore.

So I believe I've outlined what every single staff member is doing. Apart from erikmcfar of course. He is simply patrolling the forum and trying to learn how to play Red Alert 2 again.

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