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» Aircraft Carrier Unit Spotlight

EA has released information on the Allies most powerful naval unit, the Aircraft Carrier, reprising its role from Red Alert 2.

Drones a-plenty -- A carrier's squadrons of drones can overwhelm even the most heavily defended installation. Should any drones be shot down, the carrier can quickly and automatically replenish them. Some carrier captains have been known to use their drones to screen for more-precious Allied aircraft.

Lights out -- In addition to all those combat drones, a carrier's launch bay conceals the Blackout Missile, which can be used to power down vehicles or structures from an extreme range. The missile's defensive and offensive potential makes carriers even more survivable alone, or even more useful in a strike force.

Specialized bombardment -- Intended for concerted use with other Allied forces, aircraft carriers are purely for anti-surface operations. The Allies have staunchly defended against complaints of aircraft carriers' lack of anti-air defenses, noting that their hydrofoils provide superior anti-air support.

Punishment at a premium -- Aircraft carriers are expensive, high-tech vessels, which means they are a relatively uncommon sight. Though far less cost-prohibitive than some of the failed carrier designs proposed in the past, the model in use today still is one of the priciest fixtures of Allied warfare.

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