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» Red Alert 3 Q&A #7

EA released the seventh installment of official Q&As. Here's a few:

1. Will the King oni able to crush t-1 and t-2 tanks? -killer989
Sort of. The King Oni's secondary ability is a powerful linebacker-style bullrush. Upon spotting an enemy unit or structure, he'll drop his shoulder and run directly at his target, running over almost anything in his path. The King Oni doesn't crush units just by walking over them normally, the way that an Apocalypse Tank would, however.

2. Will the flak trooper be back or another soviet rocket trooper? -my_big_boss
The Flak Trooper is indeed back as the Soviet's primary anti-vehicle and anti- air infantryman. He lugs around a heavy flak cannon on his shoulder, and he's none too happy about it.

3. Will Allies be getting chronoshifting units or abilities? -tmf5056
The Allies still have a good deal of Chrono-based abilities, despite the fact that Dr. Einstein no longer exists in this timeline. While Tanya is the only unit who's been authorized to use Chrono technology on the battlefield, the Allies still employ Chrono weapons in a lot of their player powers. On a related note, it appears that Chrono Legionnaires never came into existence in this timeline either...
Interesting answers, but I don't see how Tanya can have chrono technology, but Chrono Legionnaires didn't happen, because wouldn't Tayna herself be a Chrono Legionnaire?

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