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» Apollo Fight Unit Spotlight!

EA has recently revealed the Apollo Fighter, the Allied air superiority fighter.

Allied Apollo Fighter

The sky hunter -- You couldn't point to a more-specialized vehicle in the Allied arsenal than the Apollo, which is directly and exclusively suited to its role as an air-superiority fighter. While it cannot retaliate against surface targets, it is fast enough to simply outpace them.

Autocannon or bust -- Unlike more-versatile and more expensive aircraft, the Apollo is armed with just one weapon. On the plus side, this autocannon can cut through all but the most heavily-armored enemy aircraft in moments, and can sustain firing constantly without overheating danger or loss of accuracy.

Upgrade kit available -- On authority from the Allied leadership team, some commanders are beginning to field newly-enhanced Apollo Fighters featuring the latest in advanced aeronautics. This upgrade kit enhances Apollos with more ammo capacity as well as superior armor and scanners.

RTB on demand -- Like some other Allied aircraft, Apollos have an autopilot mechanism that causes them to return to base immediately using an emergency afterburner. This lets the Apollo deftly retreat from dangerous situations or rearm its weapon as quickly as possible.

For more info and a video showcasing the Apollo, click here

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