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» 2 New Red Alert 3 Units

EA has released information on two new units: the Soviet Kirov and the Allied Prospector

  • Limitless bombs -- In spite of the huge size of the Kirov, it fits only a small number of individuals. Although it could conceivably carry hundreds of passengers, it instead holds thousands of bombs--more than enough for any single battle.

  • Gastroburners -- Kirov pilots have access to a special chemical compound that, when released into the engine block, causes the mighty airship to reach a greater-than-usual top speed. The drawback is that the compound is toxic, and slowly corrodes the Kirov from the inside.

  • Explosive Potential -- While no Kirov has ever been shot down according to official records, physicists theorize that the volatile chemical compound and sheer number of bombs contained within these vessels would likely explode catastrophically in the unlikely event one should ever fall.

  • On-demand Command Hub -- Each prospector is outfitted to convert into an Allied command hub when the need arises (though the conversion is irreversibly complex). Command hubs provide clearance for other Allied structures to be built nearby, and also relay other important data to those structures.

  • Amphibious resourcing -- Prospectors can traverse land and water with equal ease, because of their automated aqua-sensitive air cushions. Their driving characteristics are similar on all terrain.

Head over to EA and read some more information and watch a short video on the Kirov Airship and the Prospector.

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