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» Chris Corry Interview at Gamespy

Gamespy conducted an interview with Red Alert 3 Executive Producer Chris Corry. Here's a piece:
Corry points out that while the original game certainly had plenty of over-the-top elements (most notably the successful implementation of Nikola Tesla's far-flung applications for electricity) it nonetheless tried to keep at least one foot in plausibility. Red Alert 2, on the other hand, widened the schism between the two branches of the C&C family tree by throwing in elements like psychic clone soldiers, mind-controlled squid and dolphin naval units. Red Alert 3 is upping the ante still further with its legions of parachuting bears and Soviet commandos in very short shorts. "We're definitely trying to up the humor quotient [in Red Alert 3]," Corry said.

After much complaining, EA caved and redesigned the Apoc Tank

If you read my latest article, you know that I am a fan of the storyline in Red Alert 1 and not such much of a fan of Red Alert 2 (and therefore means I'm going to hate the storyline in Red Alert 3), because of the realism vs. cheesiness (i.e. what they call comedy) and how realism with specs of humor thrown in is far superior (especially since we are talking about a war strategy game which is a serious matter) to out right ridiculousness. That doesn't mean that I don't want those elements, it is all about good writing and presentation, something that wasn't done in Red Alert 2 and most likely won't happen in Red Alert 3. The problem is (and it is quite pervasive in Hollywood), that these people that write the storyline are not comedians and any attempt on their behalf to write comedy will utterly fail. The moral of this is leave comedy to the likes of Seinfeld, Lewis Black and George Carlin (RIP).

Anyways, head over to Gamespy to read the full article as it touches on several other issues (i.e. Soviet bias) and is a decent read.

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