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» Red Alert 3: Official Q&A #5

EA has released the latest Q&A, and it has some intriging answers:

Are Gap Generators in the game? -ravenchist
No, the Allies donít have any Gap Generators in Red Alert 3. However, clever players will be able to use Chrono technology to temporarily hide their units and structures from prying eyes.

Will the allies have pillbox returned in RA 3? -izzyalert
No, the Allies donít have a pillbox. Their primary base defense uses the same kind of technology as the IFV Multigunner, which allows players to customize that defenseís weapon by garrisoning it with different kinds of infantry.

Can ore node get entirely empty, or does it always regenerate? -pcjack125
As of now, Ore Nodes donít regenerate, but neither do they completely run dry. An ďemptyĒ Ore Node will continue to produce a tiny trickle of resources for the player to collect, but itís in their best interest to find and expand to the nearest full Node. As we continue to balance the game, however, we may change the behavior of empty Ore Nodes.

Well definately some interesting answers, head to the link above and read the rest.

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