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Rearranging > thesaurus style.
  • CNCDen is 3 years old today, and has a new map for Zero Hour by staffer DarkAlex. A thanks to Lion from us for keeping the site going - it's a non-stop effort.
  • PlanetCNC's hosted mod Operation: Restore Justice have posted a 5mb movie slideshow of images from their upcoming version.
  • CNCNZ has added to their files database with 2 Zero Hour maps, an RA2/YR/Renegade utility and a Renegade mod.
  • Imperial Assault's demo is released. The mod is for Zero Hour and pits you - as you should really guess - in the Star Wars world, and looks rather nice.
So yeah, Rob's had a fun rediscovery of working life and has relinquished the news posting to me tonight.

Oh, and what's in the news? Stuff making me hate people. Ugh, die in a fire already, whoever you are.

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