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'Action'? Yes, I'm struggling. Quite a few bits have been released this weekend.
  • CNCDen weigh in with a brand new 6 player Zero Hour map from Lion. Ideal for LAN parties and the like.
  • PlanetCNC have four new Renegade skins available.
  • C&C World Rebellion (another conversion for Zero Hour) require staff. Experienced Modelers, Skinners, Coders and Concept Artists are needed.
  • Vietnam Reborn (you guessed it, another Zero Hour Conversion) have released a total of 5 new textures and renders. Nice original layout by the way.
Finally, something else to say. Last night something very bad happened. I am mentally scarred as a result. Things will proably never be the same. Jim beat me at Red Alert 2. I believe he is writing a battle report to outline the exact manner by which this painful atrocity came about. Just remember, if you don't practice for months, you lose it - no matter how good you are.

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