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» Patch 1.04

The latest patch for Tiberium Wars has been released:
  • Made further improvements to video playback on low-end Windows XP system configurations.

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error that caused some players to crash or disconnect while in online lobbies.
  • Fixed an error that caused players with semicolon (';'), colon (':'), comma (','), or equal sign ('=') characters in their Online IDs to not be able to see and select options from dropdown menus in online multiplayer lobbies. These characters are no longer permissible in Online IDs.
  • Fixed an error that caused players to desync when watching a BattleCast match in which one of the participants disconnected.

    Other Fixes
  • All online multiplayer game lobbies will now appear properly localized in different languages.
  • You can either download it from the EA FTP, through auto update (both of which are running very slowly I might add) or registered members can download it straight from our server Patch 1.04.

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