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imageWell, it looks like there is a lot of news surrouding the forthcoming Tiberium Wars title. I haven't being following the community at all recently, so forgive me for posting anything which may be slightly out of date.

Firstly, the official Tiberium Website is up and running. At first glance it looks rather pretty and contains quite a few videos, screenshots, podcasts and wallpapers. News updates also look quite frequent.

Moving on, Tiberium Wars has obviously been a major attraction at the recent 'Leipzig Games Convention', where there was a lot of media attention and even game testing going on.

There are quite a few previews knocking around the internet, including ones on Gamespy, IGN PC, Gamespot and 1 UP.

For the latest Tiberium Wars coverage, we recommend reading the following sites: CNCDen, PlanetCNC and Generals World.

Whether or not CNCSeries.Com will actually kick back into life at some point remains to be seen. It seems that most staff members, myself included, are busy pursuing other projects or interests at the current time.

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