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» We need a host - can you help us?

Unfortunately our hosts Rapid Stores will be ceasing operations in 3 weeks time. This is a great pity as we have been very fortunate to be with them for such a long period. Many thanks to Maniac and the rest of the company for their help over the recent years - it won't be forgotten.

If you think you could help host this site, in return for advertising and promotion, then please do let me know. We average 1,500 visitors and 22,000 page views per day.

The site requires PHP, MySQL, decent bandwith and a couple hundred megs of space.

If you're interested, or even know anybody that might be, please do contact me via PM or email - which is

We would like to have a host within the next month or unfortunately the site will have to be closed until we do find one. Paid hosting is not an option.

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