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» Cliff "Devinoch" Hicks talks C&C3

Former Renegade Community Manager and ex-Westwood employee has posted his thoughts about C&C3 at his Gamespot blog. Here is an excerpt of what he has to say:
Since then, I've been waiting for another C&C game in the Tiberium franchise, and I'm glad to see one is coming. What details they've announced sound great (and some of the ideas suggested at here, at least plotwise, had been kicking around at Westwood for years) and I'm pleased to hear that Kane will return. I can only hope, however, that they've gotten Joe Kucan back to be Kane, because anyone else would simply be faking it...
The post is a good read, which primarily focuses on Joe Kucan. To read the entire post, head to Cliff's blog.

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