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» Red Alert on the PSP!?

imageWhile I was browsing my normal PSP homebrew websites this morning, I noticed that a guy by the name of Altair is making a Red Alert clone for the PSP called C&C Red aLUA. He has made alot of progress and it is looking really good. Here is the list of features with this release:
The implemented features :

* Every unit can be selected one by one or by using the selection drawbox.
* All units can move seperately at the same time. Number doesn't matter.
* Saving/Loading - Only one save game though. Might be buggy.
* Shooting works, but could be better.
* Menus implemented. Not all buttons work though.
* Team selection works now - You can select as many units as you want and also put them in multiple teams. For now you can select 4 teams, the number will be increased later.
* Mining also works now. When the truck is full it will return to the refinary. However not the other way around unfortunately.
* Health, Repairing, Scrolling, Sound added.
* The features list will get longer soon. And I'd urge you to try out this game. It's that good!

This is great news for any Red Alert fans with a PSP like myself. This is still a work in progress and likely has bugs, so don't set your hopes too high. I have yet to hear what firmware it needs, but I will update this post when I find out. Homebrew RTS clones are starting to pop up like crazy for the Sony PSP. Recently a StarCraft clone and an Age of Empires clone were also released. While we are waiting for more C&C3 news, check out C&C Red aLUA.

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