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» Next C&C, Yet More Speculation

IGN PC have included a brief ditty about the 'next C&C title' in an article discussing the 'RTSs of 2006'. This is the whole item relating to us:
"What we know about this game is that it's in the works. What we don't know is pretty much everything else. We've learned a few other things recently however. We know that EA's VP of Creative Development Louis Castle seems to be very fond of the Tiberium universe in the C&C series so we may see thatů but considering the popularity of the Red Alert universe, we're guessing that actually might be where the next game will take place.

A recent podcast with Louis Castle and Mike Verdu showed that both are very excited about the possibilities of an RTS MMO (though that's not likely for this next one) as well. However, it wouldn't be surprising to see EA LA build on the things that they've done right with the Battle for Middle-earth franchise. For instance, a strategic world map for a large Red Alert game could be possible. We won't see it released this year, but we may finally learn something as the year progresses."
They would have done well to stop after the second sentence.

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