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» January Over - New Points Record

Another hectic month of quickmatching has finished, with various records being broken and very important milestones just being missed out on. Congratulations are in order for Tomi, who regained his number one spot after a few months of missing out. He managed to attain 1499 points with his nick TomiGoMad. This was indeed a new record. Sadly, however, he missed out on the coveted 5 star badge (which no one has ever received) by a meagre 2 points.

You can view the past months ladder at this location. Not too many members of the site participated in quick match at any great length this month, though jacko3334 managed an excellent 42nd place (42/8, 961pts) and I managed to beat my points record with IflyUdie in 119th (34/4, 854pts).

So, February is now upon us. If you have any targets or goals for the month, or want to mention how you did, feel free to post them in the comments.

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