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» XWIS Ladders Reset

The XCL ladders have been reset with the start of December. November was a busy month, seeing a notable increase in activity and players. Many people seem to have returned to the community with the transfer of online support to this community run server.

Competition in the Red Alert 2 ladder was particularly fierce, with several players fighting it out in the battle to achieve rank number one. This privilege eventually went to Tomi, playing under 'forhonor' - though he was given close competition throughout the month from players such as 'grinspour' and 'gtrif'. The top 10 then, in full:
RA2 Quick Match Ladder November 2005
1 forhonor71W14L1330pts
2 a2willys53W14L1238pts
3 grinspour56W22L1232pts
4 aliedstar92W27L1193pts
5 xsxtxfxux51W8L1189pts
6 gaara3d74W26L1182pts
7 jokujak40W5L1148pts
8 sovbeast56W15L1145pts
9 elitetank78W35L1099pts
10 rank1ally58W15L1088pts
Congratulations to the above players. The clan ladder was drawn between '-t@r-' and 'beast' with 814 points each.

Several CNCSeries members managed to achieve quite respectable rankings. Here are the details of all those who finished in the top 1000 (remember, you can read many of their battle reports right here).
RA2 Quick Match Ladder November 2005 (Members)
41 jackocncs56W23L901pts(jacko3334)
43 corsair62W21L894pts(Chris)
143 robofcncs72W43L767pts(Rob)
261 makeitfas25W3L680pts(rfc2005)
276 f1reburn61W41L669pts(Paul)
600 erikmcfar46W31L544pts(erikmcfar)
All in all, a hectic month on the ladder. Well done to everyone who participated - it was a lot of fun. Here's to another great month in December.

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