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A final update to the saga hopefully! The XWIS server (and related websites: Strike Team and XCL) is almost functional once more. Ladders are displaying and quick match is working. However, there seem to be problems regarding games not recording.

One of the XWIS Admins, DonCarlo has posted an update on Strike Team about the situation:
A combination of a few things happened this weekend, all of which were beyond our control.

This is no excuse though we are going to be working through some things with EA to ensure greater server security, stability and a faster response from the hosts when things need to be done.

We apologise for the long delay this weekend. We are aware it was a very bad time to have such a long outage at both the weekend and end of the month.
But please be aware that it was a very frustrating time for us too and not a situation we would like to see repeated.
It also appears that XWIS has been the target of DOS attacks. The Strike Team forum will be down for an hour today while it is moved to a different server (a rather good idea).

Sadly, it also appears that a lot of the games played before the server went offline were not backed up - so they have not been restored.

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