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A few pieces to report this weekend.
  • CNCNZ have released another article - thankfully this author knows how to spell. He discusses the 'end of C&C as we know it'. It's all doomsday and rather brief, but it's still an interesting read.
  • CNCCommunity have released details of winners in the Open Map Competition for Zero Hour.
  • C&C Dead 6 (Renegade modification) require a few new artists to help with the storyline.
  • The ModToaster utility has been updated - I think it allows you to download various Generals/ZH mods more easily through a central location or something of the sort.
  • And finally, what is a news post these days without the inclusion of some new renders!? Head over to RA2: Road to Moscow to see them.
In other news, the official Battle for Middle Earth 2 website is now online.

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