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» Renegade/TS Redirection Delay

All games mentioned earlier (EA partners with XWIS) have now been redirected from WOL to XWIS, save for Renegade and Tiberian Sun. Apparently there is to be a slight delay, as revealed on Strike Team by DonCarlo.
"The Redirection of Tiberian Sun and Renegade to XWIS is briefly postponed. This is partly due to the fact that Olaf and myself will be away in Germany this weekend, and are not likely to have internet access to deal with any issues that may arise directly after redirection.

It also gives us a breather, and time make sure that all issues around the Renegade redirection are resolved (in conjunction with BHS).

Tiberian Sun is expected to be redirected some time next week, but we will confirm the dates after the weekend."
Looks like you Renegade and Tiberian Sun players will have to be patient. In the meantime, there's always that old game called Red Alert 2.

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