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Here we go.
  • Lion over at CNCDen has a new modified ZH mission available for download.
  • CNC Community have released details of entrants to the third Open Map Competition. The results should follow shortly.
  • CNCNZ have conducted the third part of their interview feature, this time quizzing Mike Legg, who contributed to many of the original C&C games, but is now practicing his trade at Petroglyph. It features some interesting questions, certainly worth a look.
  • A new modification for Tiberian Sun, which aims to basically recreate Red Alert 2, has been started. Ambitious.
  • GenDev have released GenCameoMapper3 with various new features.
  • Zero Hour modification Blitzkrieg II have released new renders and ingame screenshots of a new unit.
  • And, last but not least, PlanetCNC have released a detailed preview (with images) of a forthcoming Yuri's modification, known as Project: Exodus.
In other news, Paul is attempting to establish himself as a rap artist. This is actually him. What do you think!? Should he stick to writing C&C articles, or is this really a new career path?

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